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Madison Metropolitan School District

About Us

Welcome to Badger Rock Middle School!

As we enter another year at Badger Rock we are very excited about our progress and the opportunities that lie ahead. Badger Rock Middle School empowers its students to thrive as citizens, entrepreneurs, leaders, collaborators, and innovators, working to restore the natural world and better the cultural environment while creating just, nourishing, and sustainable communities.

The following are the school’s core values that support the student experiences at Badger Rock Middle School:

PLACE: Investigating and taking care of our community. Students scrutinize cultural and natural systems via hands-on activities at the school site. Classes routinely go offsite to survey local ecosystems and nearby neighborhoods during weekly place-based field days.

CULTURAL RELEVANCE: Learning with content and activities that reflect students’ backgrounds. Students regularly encounter images, language, people, and values that help them feel at home in an environment where they can readily learn. Teachers ground their teaching practices in community awareness and participation.

SUSTAINABILITY AND RESILIENCE: Cultivating an awareness that how we live impacts our ecosystem and society. Every aspect of the physical environment – school building, energy systems, gardens, greenhouses – will model sustainability. Mindfulness practices and service learning foster personal and social resilience.

DESIGN AND INQUIRY: Nurturing curiosity and design projects that require essential questions, challenges, and problems. Projects will require students to identify opportunities and problems, collect and interpret data, design prototypes, give and receive feedback, and share final products.

Badger Rock Middle School:
Growing Resilient Learners One Project at a Time

Two smiling students
Student gardening

School mission statement

Badger Rock Middle School (BRMS) will prepare our diverse student citizens to meet the challenges of the 21st century, helping them thrive as environmentally responsible, justice-oriented problem solvers and lifelong learners. Our interdisciplinary academic program thrives on authentic, community, project-based learning at its core, with ecological systems as our comprehensive framework. Badger Rock Middle School will be a model for environmental sustainability, culturally relevant teaching, stewardship and civic engagement, integrating best practices in sustainability education, design, and systems thinking into every aspect of the learning experience.