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Class of 2024 Graduation

MMSD is thrilled to celebrate the Class of 2024. Share a message or get to know some of our incredible seniors by reading our Senior Spotlights.

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Not sure how East got SO lucky to have you, but WOW do we have a QUEEN in our presence. Your love for children pour out of your eyes and these kids know you are here for them regardless of the circumstance. Thank you for what you do each and every day to have our students feel seen and heard.

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You teach U.S. history in all its realness, with honesty and compassion. Thank you for educating our kids about all aspects of American history, so that they can be responsible, informed, thoughtful citizens. Your lectures, discussions, and assignments all impart key information and get kids thinking about how they can contribute to a positive society.

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Judi Bookstaff, Madison West High School: You are kind and enthusiastic, and it really resonates with the students. Thank you for leading by example and introducing them to engineering and design concepts and skills they will use their whole lives.

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