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Madison Metropolitan School District

Badger Rock Middle School Supply List 2021-22

Please label all supplies:

  • 3 spiral notebooks (minimum 70 pages, wide-lined): one each of red, blue, green 
  • 3 two-pocket folders 
  • 1 composition notebook 
  • Scientific calculator with exponent & sq. root capability 
  • Erasers (6 pencil cap and 2 large) 
  • Glue sticks (3 pack) 
  • 2 Highlighters (different colors) 
  • Paper: loose-leaf, wide-lined (3 packages) 
  • 36 pencils (#2) 
  • Small personal pencil sharpener with cover for pencil shavings 
  • Pens (blue and black) 
  • 12-inch ruler with both metric and English markings 
  • Scissors 
  • Tissues (1 box) 
  • Pencil case (zipper case or box) 
  • 3 - three-ring binders (Size: 1 Inch) 
  • Athletic shoes and socks for physical education and outdoor activities (Sandals, flip flops, and platform shoes are not allowed for safety reasons.) 
  • Headphones/earbuds 
  • 1 pkg. of 8-12 sharpened colored pencils 
Badger Rock students often participate in garden and/or field-related activities outside. We encourage all students to have the following items that they may store in their lockers: 
  • Work gloves with leather palms
  • Extra shoes, socks, and pants for field day
  • Water bottle labeled in permanent marker with student name
  • Clothes for all weather: rain, sun, or cold
  • Hat 
Please Note:  Clearly label everything with your first and last name.