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(ADHD, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal, Headaches, Hearing, Seizure, Mental Health Affecting Education, Vision, Other)

Step 1: Parent Letter: Health Concerns Update (101325) - Parent letter - English     Letra de los padres - Español

Step 2: Health Concern is:

Allergies (Environmental, Food, Insect) and Asthma

Parent Letter: Allergy and Asthma (101010) - Allergy and Asthma - English     Alergia y asma - Español

Asthma Inhaler Use in School – Complete Step 3

Sting/Food Allergy Health History Form and Food Questionnaire - Form and Questionnaire - English     Formulario y Cuestionario - Español      

Sting/Food Allergy Action Plan - Sting/Food Allergy Action Plan - English     Español

Step 3: Health Concern Requires Medication/Procedure during School Hours

Parent/Guardian Consent Form (101210) - Parent/Guardian Consent Form - English     Formulario de consentimiento del padre / tutor - Español

Order for Medication Administration (101220) - Order for Medication Administration - English     Español